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Emma Martin finds her centrepiece at iacf Newark Antiques Market!

Posted October 21st, 2020 by Eve Oliver and filed under Interior Designers

About Emma Martin Interiors

For anyone discussing interior style for your home or office layout, creating better spaces is the centre focus to any interior design plan. To truly love your space, finding beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable layouts that stand the test of time is the centerpiece to falling in love with your home. 

Emma Martin Interiors is run by Emma Martin, an interior designer who has lived in Spain, Ireland and now the UK! Emma uses all these cultural influences in her work, which results in a unique and personal way of designing and creating interiors. 

Emma remembers how when she was younger, her Irish grandmother loved antiques.

“Back in the 60s & 70s (she) would tell us the night before that we were travelling to Belfast - the other side of the country! - because she knew there was an antiques market going ahead.

“We would travel throughout the night just to get to the antiques market. (She) would just travel around the country going to all these antique markets because she just loved them so much and she’d end up finding all these amazing pieces!”

It was lovely to resurface the memories that Emma holds about antique markets. Let's find out how Emma found the antiques market as an interior designer. 


Emma finds her New Centerpiece!


iacf antique markets are all about finding those items you instantly fall in love with and want to add to your home interior. We were so happy when Emma found a wonderful centerpiece for her own home! 

The original and unique animal prints are all hand painted by Craig (pictured above) himself. “Everything’s hand painted, all done on old timber panels. These ones especially *points to group of paintings, pictured below* are created using old doors!



You may notice that the frames still have the lock and hinges attached, making for a “totally unique” design. "A lot of the hand painted ones are focused upon the animals in their suits with a vibrant colour”, Craig explains. 

Emma goes on to add how the colours used in the paintings are truly stunning, “I love the way they play on the warm colours, the orange and the mustard, the red, making for a vibrant look which isn’t over the top- it’s really interesting!”

Interest is then drawn to the frame, it’s made out of angelic material, which Emma explains becomes the character of the piece. “You would never sand it down and get rid of it because this is what makes the frame so attractive”. 



Viking Reclamation Ltd (@craiglloyd1964)

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Emma Martin's experience at iacf Newark Antiques Market

People don’t usually think of using antique decor and aren’t always aware of the endless possibilities antique design and antiques interiors provides, such as providing timeless interior design possibilities whilst remaining eco-conscious and effortlessly stylish. 

iacf are so happy to share the joy our antiques markets bring with Emma, finding living room decor inspo and Emma finding her statement piece to add to her living room! 

After an enjoyable day filled with inspiration, Emma ends the day happy about her painting, “I just couldn’t resist it!”. 

“There have been so many stalls that we have been through showcasing so many different items. I’m really impressed with all the different items that we get (here). There are so many things we can choose from, so I will say if there’s anything you want that is different, you’re going to find it here. 

“There are one-of-a-kind pieces, I will say there’s nothing here that is mass-produced, every piece here is different, so individual and it’s just a reflection of your personality, so do come! I’ll definitely be here next time!”.

Thank you to Emma Martin, from Emma Martin Interiors, for visiting iacf Newark Antiques Market. We are looking forward to having you join us again in the future and cannot wait to see your new centre piece found from Newark in your home!

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