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Louise Booyens Interiors visit to "The Festival of Antiques" Market

Posted October 6th, 2020 by Eve Oliver and filed under Interior Designers

Are you looking for new styles for your home and don’t know where to begin? Read this to discover how our antique markets can help drive a spark in your interior designing!

iacf welcomed Louise, from Louise Booyens Interiors, to iacf Peterborough Antiques Market. We joined Louise in walking around the marketground, discussing all things interior and how antiques markets can bring an exciting addition to all interior designers' styles! 

After meeting Louise for only a few moments, her energy and passion for interior design shone through and we were excited to listen to Louise’s preferences and what items for sale at iacf Peterborough would catch Louise’s eye! 

Louise has an instinctive ability to see the potential of a space and her passion for colour, texture and other materials was shown when we spotted a few items, she had to go investigate! You could tell within the first few minutes that Louise has a deep understanding for colour choices, design schemes, what fabrics mix well together and finding the right style for any period home. 


It was only a few moments until Louise spotted a beautiful red and orange antique rug, which was described by the dealer as “Northern African meets South America”, which was a great size, had beautiful hand-made stitching throughout and comes with a great deal of history. Louise felt it was best for a wall hanger, as it was too lovely to be walked across! The dealer went on to express how these rugs were often about symbolising going travelling and creating a safe home and happy future, which was a strong instinct the designers would have had. Louise expressed further how much she loved the colour, emphasising how the rug creates a warm atmosphere. 

 Walking around the market provided Louise with many more desired   items! Louise shortly spotted a pair of blue & white Chinese jars which   were grand in size and would fill a space magnificently as well as offering   a practical use.

 If there is one pair in the colour palette that no one gets tired of, it is the   timeless blue & white! And for many good reasons too. It’s soothing,   relaxing, elegant, and cool. It’s the perfect pair in nature, fashion, and interior design. 

 There is not one interior designer who wouldn’t recommend the blue &   white pair for any architectural style. It’s hard to say why, but it’s the only   colour combo that you will never get tired of. It might have to do that it is   inspired by nature. We might get bored with intense reds and yellows but never with blue & white. Without a doubt, white is the most serene colour. And although blue might seem strict and austere, it’s one of the most relaxing colours. So, they make the perfect pair – the happiest couple! - Home and Dearest.

Close to the Blue & White Chinese Jars were some gorgeous small blue & white patterned antique bowls which caught Louise’s eye. Louise mentioned how she often finds using China dishes and bowls for pot plants can be a real eye pleaser! 

Stepping into one of the inside stalls, a wooden antique chair with a William Morris designed covering caught our eye. We went on to discuss our shared love for the designer and how magnificent it is that his fabric and wallpaper designs remain as popular today as they ever have been. 

A big thank you to Louise for joining us at Peterborough Festival of Antiques and we cannot wait to have you attend another antiques market.  If you would like to find out more about what Louise is up to then check out her terrific blog, where she has recently discussed unique wallpaper ideas to enhance your home and looked at a selection of floor styles for your home. 



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