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Interior Trends in 2021: Top Trends to Look Out For

Posted February 19th, 2021 by Charlotte Murphy and filed under Interior Designers

2021 marks a new year and the perfect time to change up your interior style. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place that sings your personality whilst looking stylish and providing you with all of the everyday comforts that you may need. Interior design is all about creating the perfect living space for you. If you are wanting to revamp your home or simply add some style to your current interior, here are the top trends of 2021 that you need to look out for.

Sage Green

What colour is more perfect for a warm yet refreshing home than sage green? This beautiful shade of green will bring an element of nature into your home   and create that relaxing space that every home needs in 2021. You will find t this shade mainly used in kitchens but it can look great in any room. You could consider investing in some sage green paint to give your cupboards a makeover or maybe purchasing a sage green piece of wall art for your feature wall. The colour looks beautiful in all homes and compliments other neutral shades perfectly.

(Image: Newark Antiques Market).


If you want to upgrade your art, Japandi could be the answer that you’re looking for. This newly popular style of design takes Japanese minimalism and blends it with Scandinavian designs. This blur of trends results in an elegant minimalist aesthetic that makes for a cosy, chic interior design. Japandi homes will include simple elegant furnishings, contrasting colours, functional spaces and optimal use of space. Japandi is designed to create a
beautiful home that is simple and functional. To bring Japandi into your own home, you should consider implementing rich colours form Japenese culture and contrasting them with neutrals from Scandinavian design. The trend thrives from juxtaposition and creates interesting, modern spaces in your home. 

(Image: The Spruce, 2020).

Statement Vases

Vases have become the new centrepiece of interior decor. Forget your abstract paintings or feature walls, in 2021 an interesting design is created with a statement vase. This new trend is exciting for those who have a good eye and can spot hidden gems at garage sales and auctions. Statements vases have been around for decades but only recently have become a must-have piece of interior decor. Over the years, more and more people have started bringing the outdoors in! Houseplants have become incredibly popular so, it makes sense that vases are finally having their moment to shine. A statement vase often includes an interesting design, shape or colour and will stand out from the other ornaments on your bookshelf. If you want an easy way to bring your home into 2021, statement vases are definitely a must-have.


(Image: iacf antiques markets).

Neutral Nurseries 

The age of pink or blue baby nurseries is officially over. In 2021, neutral shades are being used to create a sense of calm in children’s nurseries and to provide children with their own sanctuary. A prominent feature of any nursery is the child’s crib or bed. Luckily, many designers are now accommodating this neutral trend into their products, there are many elegant, minimal children’s beds on the market right now. These minimal beds and cribs can be complemented with muted tones, simplistic artwork and traditional children’s toys. The finished design will be calming and warm to create the ultimate relaxing environment for your children in 2021.

(Image: Festival of Antiques).


For those who want to make their homes interesting without going overboard with colour, why not try adding some texture? In 2021, texture is being used on walls and furniture to add depth and interest to other-wise simple interiors. Textured wallpaper can be purchased from most home stores and, if you want to go even further, some people are even hanging rugs on their walls to create the texture that they’re looking for. Playing around with textures is a fun way to upgrade your interior. Textured furniture could add that extra bit of comfort to your home. Many textured chairs and stools are the perfect, comfy spot to cosy up with a book or a cup of tea. Textured furniture isn’t new, you could probably find many great pieces at antiques fairs or auctions.

(Image: Newark Antiques Market).


The idea of turning a home into a sanctuary means that wellness-inspired decor is becoming a common sight in many modern homes. This 2021 trend encourages homeowners to make their designs functional and create a space that will benefit their mental and physical health. One of the best ways to incorporate wellness into your home is to create a home spa. You could try adding a steam function to your shower or placing aromatherapy diffusers around your home. There are many creative ways that you can turn your home into a wellness sanctuary to help ease your stress in 2021.

(Image: Ardingly Antiques Market).


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