Festival of Antiques FAQs

Upcoming Cambridgeshire antique events

Peterborough Market
Are there cash points at Peterborough Antiques Fair?

At present there are two cash points on the main site of Peterborough Antiques Fair. We are hoping to increase the number, details to be confirmed.

Can I use card to pay for entry to Peterborough Antiques Fair?

Yes, we accept card payment for entry to the Festival of Antiques.

What items will I discover at Peterborough Antiques Fair?

With 1000’s of stalls to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Shop a selection of antiques, including antique glassware, antique furniture, antiques clocks, antique salvage, antique jewellery, antique art, antique ceramics, antique silver including antique silver coffee pots, antique silver candlesticks, antique silver cutlery, silver plated antiques and so many more. There is also a vast selection of vintage goods, including vintage clothing, vintage jewellery, vintage artwork, vintage advertising signs, vintage garden ware and so much more.

Stallholder FAQs

Where is the best place to sell antiques?

The Festival of Antiques is the biggest antiques fair of its kind in the East of England and attracts thousands of buyers twice a year.

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