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Thur & Fri |

12-13 Aug 2021

Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground

Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY

Next fair...

Thur & Fri |

12-13 Aug 2021

Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground

Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY

July 2, 2021

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Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground

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Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground

About The Simple Things

The Simple Things Magazine attended Ardingly Antiques Fair last September! Simple Things Magazine hunted for treasures, enjoyed a splendid picnic and caught up with friends.

The Simple Things enjoy their picnic

Simple Things Magazine is all about celebrating slowing down and taking the time to enjoy what you have. We love to make the most out of where you live! The team enjoy visiting their local markets, rummaging for vintage finds and decorating their home with their new loved items!

Do you love the outdoors? Do you look for micro-adventures? If so, then The Simple Things magazine would be a great addition to your reading list.

Our guests’ enjoyed searching through antiques stalls to find treasures and ogled some really great bargains! The group took a well deserved break and enjoyed fancy finger food. Helping to help keep up their energy from their antiques hunting!

iacf caught up with the ladies to discuss how they felt Ardingly Antiques Fair is going. What items they’ve discovered (and to sneak a bite of their exquisite picnic!).

Upon arrival, we asked Louise and her friends how they felt about Ardingly Antiques Fair, “It’s amazing, I’ve never been before and it’s fantastic!”, we were happy to hear.

It is the perfect way to spend a spring day. Rummaging through antiques then comparing all the treasures found! Where better to compare antiques over a picnic in the beautiful surroundings the South of England Showground.

“I’ve come looking for an armchair and I’ve also come away with some cushions!”

There are so many treasures at iacf antiques fairs that you really can’t resist to take home with you!

Not only are you browsing items in the beautiful setting that Ardingly Antiques Fair has to offer, you are also supporting the hundreds of antiques dealers that sell with iacf.

Getting out after lockdown

Lockdown hit small businesses the hardest and iacf prides themselves on supporting small businesses and the antiques trade with their antiques fairs and online support given to their antiques dealers.

Everyone has heard about the mad craze to visit the mainstream shopping stores since opening after lockdown, but why would you follow the crowd in purchasing mass made items that are likely to break after a few months?

We were happy that The Simple Things felt the same way about purchasing items from iacf antiques fairs compared to high street shops!

Louise expressed how she loved the range of French Linens on offer at Ardingly Antiques Fair, “You see them in the shops all over the place – overpriced! But here, you feel like you really are getting a great bargain.” 

There is so much joy found in buying items you absolutely love and not having to spend too many pennies for!

That is truly what iacf antiques markets are all about, finding those special, rare and unique items that you can’t find anywhere else.

Not only are you finding truly unique items, you can also speak with the educated dealers whose passion for their products completely shines through.

“I got some bedside tables today, but also the guy whom I bought it from was telling me how to get rid of marks that some antique furniture can come with, he said use lemon juice, and that was really useful!”.

“As soon as I saw those bedside tables I fell in love with them, so that was really exciting to find something you’re looking for (or don’t know you were looking for!)”.

Prepare for your Antiques Shopping

iacf Antiques Fairs are back up and running! Start planning your antiques hunting today by downloading iacf’s e-date card. Never miss an iacf antiques market again!

How to find treasures at iacf Ardingly Antiques Fair

Get to the market as early as you can. There will still be plenty of bargains but it’s great to get first dibs early.

If you’re looking for a specific item, then ask vendors if they have it, as it may not be on display. If not, ask if they can direct you to a stall that does or who knows where to source it from.

Be a magpie and be prepared to have a good dig. If you’re looking at jewellery then take a magnifying glass! You can take a proper look and check for hallmarks too!

Save money on smaller decorative pieces by buying in bulk. If you choose a few items from one dealer, ask if they’ll do a discount. More often than not you’ll get a deal.

Ask what the dealer’s best price is, then what’s their best price for cash. Be friendly and don’t push after they’ve given their deal – you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!

If you love it, buy it! Things go fast and if you don’t grab your finds quickly, the person browsing behind you might.

(Reference: The Simple Things Magazine: May Issue 2021).

@simplethingsmag @louise_gorrod @emmacroman

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